A Bit About Me

Hey Pasha Alachi here!

Mother of 6 space lover musician and natural hair! A licensed counselor; im an avid traveler.  Retired from  natural hair locing specialist.


Ive had an exciting life My proudest moment, escaping a sex trafficker at 19 years old by hiding money in the sole of my shoes after spending 4 weeks kidnapped. months after I got married to escape the paranoia and danger. 

I am a fitness instructor, musician, Certified Reiki Master, herbalist, past radio host, even managed to star in BET award nominated video  I have been a student of Western, Indian, and Chinese astrology for over 20 years; combined with being a spiritual counselor and motivational speaker I have been working as a life advisor and counselor for the last 23years.


 I suffered with fibroids erased my fibroid's by juicing beets. Later a voice in my right ear warned me of kidney failure  I was healed with juicing red cabbage. However it was the  healing teas for cold and flu  for my asthmatic twins that let me know believe in our intuitive herbal gifts. Ever since, I have been helping others heal and empower themselves through counseling. Birth chart medics , Reiki massage, meditation, diet, music 🎶 therapy prayer and physical fitness .

Work Experience

International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

Chi Kung Your Health
Grandmaster Dr. Ndugu Khan

The Imagination Guru
Minister Ju

Self Taught w/ Mentoring from
Noble Anpu

Radio Show Host
Motivational Speaker

Gospel COC Artist

Other Certifications

Certified Fitness Instructor

  • I developed the art of dancing with a 14 point style machete 

Trained in Tai Chi 12 systems

Trained in Chi Kung 3 systems

Trained in Breathing For Health

Trained in Capoeira and Muy Tai

Trained in Distant Healing

Astro Life Coach:19 years of self taught studies in Chinese, Western and Indian astrology.

-Studied with Astro Guru Noble Ampu under The Priesthood for a year.

KWWJ Gospel 1360 Radio Personality (2009-2015)

Motivational Speaker (2009-2015)

  • Conferences

  • School Graduations

Professional Vocalist having recorded with major artist, song writer and performer. 

Certified Christian Counselor certificate received in 2011

Certified Reiki Master

Licensed Cosmetologist & Instructor 

  • Attended R&E Beauty College in Baytown Texas